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Meinl Raker series 20” heavy ride cymbal [RD 0386]

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Sales price: $ 250.00
Sales price: $ 250.00

Meinl Raker series 20” heavy ride [RD 0386]


Beautiful sounding, visually eye catching and durable with a smooth, high pitch, polished sound that sticks out in the crowd.

This royal rarity has a different sound from all other rides we hear at The Palace so if you’re looking for something amazing and unique sounding, this could well be your diamond in the rough!


Meinl’s dark, pingy 20 inch ride has a lower, warmer pitch and resonance and a dinner bell in the centre for extra musical nutrition – so eat up!


Professional cymbals made from B8 bronze alloy which is the same alloy used in legendary Paiste 2002s. Originally designed and marketed towards louder music such as hard rock or metal. Also suits punk, grunge, hardcore and similar styles.


Introduced in 1985 and discontinued in 2006.


When the Meinl Raker series were current model cymbals, their new price was higher than the price for Zildjian’s and Paiste’s equivalent cymbal.

And I have found that sometimes, these sound even better! (as in this case)

Used, cleaned and in excellent condition

Our price is just: $250


We also do trade-ins and lay-buys on cymbals, kits and hardware. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We are a huge Used (modern and vintage!) home-based 28 year old Drum business with 7 rooms full of 25 kits, 50 snares and 100's of cymbals and other drum accessories.

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