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Paiste 2002 18in Flat Ride Cymbal [Rd 0431]

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Sales price: $ 250.00
Sales price: $ 250.00

Paiste 2002 1977 Rare Black Label 18in Flat Ride Cymbal [RD 0431]


With a weight of 1604 grams this 1979 Paiste Flat Ride delivers a confident, semi-bright attack that is followed by a mellow and controlled wash that swims about underneath the initial strike. Like most flat rides, it has a smooth high end tone that gives this cymbal a "soft as rain" vibe. And you can ride this Flat Ride like a typhoon and it remains soft as rain. Therein lies it's beauty. It's controlled both in overtones and volume. 

When you crash on the surface of this Flat, a lightning-like CRACK explodes and fades quickly-perfect for accents and punches.
Mellow. Responsive. Bright but not harsh or brash. Pin-point stick attack. Controlled in both volume and overtones.

Obviously this Rare Paiste Vintage 1979 Original Black Label 2002 18" Flat Ride is Killer for jazz, blues, trios, ballads, folk, soul, jazz, jazz, and jazz. And it swings beautifully for mellower funk, fusion and even pop and rock. If you already own a heavy ride, this Paiste Flat makes a superb auxiliary cymbal to mellow it out musically.  Use it ANYTIME you need a great, subtle definition with a bright but soft-as-rain wash that is controlled.


Used, cleaned  and in very good condition.

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