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Hayman 70s Vintage 3/4pce, Vibrasonic Mahogany Shell Pack [DK 1025]

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Sales price: $ 1450.00
Sales price: $ 1450.00

Hayman 70s Vintage 3/4pce, Vibrasonic Mahogany Shell Pack [DK 1025]



Mahogany 4ply shells.

These very rare English made kits are amongst the coolest looking and most exciting sounding kits from the 60's/ 70's Vintage era!

Each shell is constructed of the finest Swedish 4ply cross-laminated timber.

The cross lamination offers added strength over its competition and was far more expensive to produce.


Their manufacturer specially designed them with projection in mind, using Vibrasonic mahogany 4ply shells with multiple coats of special metallic Polyurethane spray on the inside to give more attack.

Hayman kits were owned by many of the best British Rock drummers like Bonham, Simon Kirk, Mitch Mitchell, Aynsley Dunbar, Charlie Watts, and many other great players from the 60's and 70's



22 x 14in Kick drum

13 x 9in Tom

& 16 x 16in Floor Tom

Optional (Rare collectible) 14 x 5in Hayman Snare drum


Price for the 3pce shell pack is $1450 (drums only).

Price for the 4pce shell pack is just $1795 (drums only)


If you would like the snare drum on its own it is yours for only $395  

Used, cleaned and in very good condition.



This price is firm.


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