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Pearl DX Series 80's Double bass drum 8pce kit [DK 1020]

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Sales price: $ 1195.00
Sales price: $ 1195.00

Pearl DX Series 80's Double bass drum 8pce kit [DK 1020]



This Professional Vintage kit is in good condition for its age and sounds fantastic!

The shells are 7ply mahogany combo which emphasizes its lows and the highs as well.

It’s finished in a beautiful wine red and offers a wide range of tones with its different drum sizes.

And remember folks, you don’t need to set up the entire kit each time you use it. For example, you can set it up as a smaller double kick kit or single kick kit and any size, in between, up to an 8pce, depending on your mood and musical situation.


And yes I'm MADE IN JAPAN.... ( just like Deep Purple’s best live album!)


Many of you will remember the Band, Men at Work from Melbourne, who in the early 80s, became America's biggest band, with many classic hits on the radio.


These include:

Down Under, 

Who can it be now, 


And many more which are still played daily now in Oz.


Their drummer Jerry Speiser used the same model Pearl kit as this in the same colour, with similar sized drums and a single kick drum.

He achieved some of Australia's most exciting tom sounds live and in their recordings.





For 8pce kit are: 

2 x 22in Kick drums. One is 22 x 14 and the other is 22 x 16.

Now although many drummers tune their double kicks to the same note or pitch I have found its more interesting with 2 bass drums when one of them is tuned differently. This adds to the sound of the whole kit and can trigger more creativity in the drummer.

 Tom Sizes: 


two x 12in (tune them differently of course) 

and 13in

And a 16in Floor tom


And choice of a great sounding wood or metal snare drum

(Our photo does not show the second 12in tom set up with it)



Used, cleaned and in good condition.


Price for the 8pce drum kit with all stands and pedals included (no cymbals) is now just $1195 

And the price for the complete kit with cymbals included is only $1295


Cymbal options are; Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste or other brands, in the following sizes; 13/14in hi-hats, 16/18in crash and 18/20in ride cymbal and we have other sizes available too.



We also do trade-ins and lay-buys on cymbals, kits and hardware.

Call Andrew on 03 9848 9050 or 0409 536 428.



IMPORTANT NOTE: We are a huge Used (modern and vintage!) home-based 30 year young drum business with 7 rooms full of 25 kits, 50 snares and 100's of cymbals and other drum accessories.

Some days I am not here all day, so please contact my mobile first when planning to visit on Mon, Wed or Sat and that way I will have enough time to come back and meet you here.



*We ship to any state in Australia

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