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Rogers 70s vintage Maple/Birch 9pce shell pack

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Sales price: $ 2750.00
Sales price: $ 2750.00

Rogers 70s vintage Maple/Birch 9pce shell pack

Which consists of the following.....



Rogers 70s vintage 3pce Swivomatic/Big R Maple & Birch shell pack 

I've been collecting drums for over 30 years and decided recently that I have more than I need.

So, I'm letting some amazing kits, snares, and other drum gear go so it can be enjoyed by others.

Much of this gear is very rare, and you may not see items like these for sale again.

These drums were proudly made in the USA when they built some of the best drums in the history of the world.

The 22 x 14'' bass drum and the 16 x 16'' floor tom are Swivomatics, and the 14 x 10'' mounted tom is a matching Big R.

I have a spare Swivomatic tom mount available at no extra cost if you would like it for the 14'' tom.

And, you can have a matching black dot head on the 14''s playing side, or the coated that's in my pics.

My photo includes a Ludwig L-shaped cymbal arm fitted on the bass drum which is available separately for $95 if you'd like it.

And no I don't have any Rogers L-shaped arms at the moment. LOL.

Wikipedia tells us the following:

From 1964 until 1975, Rogers Swivomatic shells were 5-ply construction of alternating plies of maple and birch wood with reinforcement rings. 

From late 1975 until 1978 the Big R shells were also made up of 5 alternating plies of maple and birch wood with reinforcement rings.

Rogers used Keller shells which have excellent bearing edges and high-quality construction techniques, giving them strong musical attack, and that awesome warm, round Rogers maple and birch tone!

The New England White wrap is still white and tight and in very good condition.

As is to be expected with drums of this age, some of the wraps have faded a little, which should not spoil your pleasure in playing them.

Drums included are:

22 x 14'' Swivomatic bass drum

14 x 10'' matching Big R mounted tom (Bonham size)

16 x 16'' Swivomatic floor tom

Used, cleaned, and in excellent condition. [DK 1161]

My price is just $1995 for the 3 drums and the snare stand is available separately if needed.



Rogers 70s vintage Swivomatic concert toms (6)

Back in the 70s when I was slightly younger, I was gigging with a 9pce Pearl concert tom kit, 4 nights a week.

And many drummers around the world were playing concert tom kits or a mixture of concert toms and double-headed toms.

I discovered that concert toms, well-tuned, with the right heads fitted, could sound far more interesting, varied, and exciting than kits that only had double-headed toms.

Especially through PAs with a little reverb and EQ added.

Drummers from my generation and others who've experienced this too will know what I'm talking about, and it would be musically stimulating to hear a resurgence of concert toms used creatively in modern music drum sounds.

Phil Collins is a master example of what you can do playing bigger concert tom kits like this and there were hundreds of examples that I heard back in the 70s and 80s for inspiration, which you can find on Youtube. 

I've noticed Rogers Swivo tom mounts can wear through use over time, and these mounts have been modernized so they're more user-friendly.

As is to be expected with drums of this age, some of the wraps have faded a little, which should not spoil your pleasure in playing them.

This 6pce set of rare Swivo concert toms come with 2 complete Rogers stands and the top half of a 3rd stand, which is ready with a clamp so you can mount it off any of your cymbal stands.

Drums included are:

8'', 10'', 12'', 13'', 14'', and 15'' concert toms + 2 and a half stands.

Used, cleaned, and in excellent condition. [DE 0339]

My price is just $1450


You can buy these 2 items individually as priced or as a complete 9pce shell pack for the lower price of $2750

These prices are firm.

I also have a huge range of snares, stands, pedals, cymbals, stools, and drum kits available at great prices.

I also do trade-ins and lay-buys on cymbals, kits, and, hardware.


Call Andrew on 0409 536 428 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an established Used (modern and vintage!) home-based 33 year young Drum business with drum kits, snares and, 100's of cymbals and other drum gear and accessories.

Some days I am not here all day, so please contact my mobile first when planning to visit on Mon, Wed, or Sat, and that way I will have enough time to come back and meet you here.

*I ship anywhere in Australia.

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