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Slingerland 70s Vintage 2/3/4pc - Maple 3ply Shell Pack [DK 1028]

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Sales price: $ 1185.00
Sales price: $ 1185.00

Slingerland 70s Vintage 2/3/4pc - Maple 3ply Shell Pack [DK 1028]

Made in the USA in Niles Illinois. 

This Slingerland Midnight Black beauty is from the 1970s.
3ply maple shells from the 70s are some of the coolest sounding vintage drums and become even more collectible every year. 

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich are the 2 best known drum legends associated with Slingerland quality and sound, and there have been many famous drummers in the 60's and 70's who used Slingerland kits with great musical success.
And of course in Australia, we can't  forget Mark Kennedy (our most musical and exciting Rock drummer / Session player), who used Slingerland drums, in the 70's, on Ayers Rock's momentous and Orgasmic rock fusion album, called Big Red Rock.
In the early 70s, Chicago's drummer Danny Seraphine was a huge influence on other drummers around the world playing a big vintage Slingerland kit. 
He was a Mofo of a player, who featured in several hit singles on the radio, blowing every drummer's mind in the process. 
Neil Peart from Rush used a double chrome Slingerland kit in the 70s. 
And in Melbourne in the 70s Gill Matthews from Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs also used a double chrome Slingerland kit incredibly well, live and in the studio.
In fact in the 70s Slingerland kits were everywhere and Virgil Donati used a double Slingerland kit live with the exciting band "Taste." 

You will see in our wording, that the kick drum and rack tom are 70s US made Slingerland drums. 
And the 2 floor toms are not, but sound excellent and give you the option of a fuller shell pack. 

22x14in Kick drum
and 13x9in Tom (Slingerland Vintage drums).

Other options
14x14in Floor tom 
16x16in Floor tom

With professional heads fitted and tuned properly these 2 non Slingerland floor toms have an excellent tonal quality and great sound. 

Used, cleaned and in good condition.

Kit Options:
Price for the 2pce shell pack is just $995 (US Made Slingerland Vintage drums only).
Price for the 3pce shell pack is just $1090 (drums only).
Price for the 4pce shell pack is just $1185 (drums only).

This price is firm. 

Plus we stock a huge range of kits, stands, snares, pedals, stools and modern and vintage cymbals at great prices.
We also do trade-ins and lay-buys on cymbals, kits and hardware. 

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