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Sonor & DDrum 3pce High-end shell pack with 20'' bass

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Sales price: $ 995.00
Sales price: $ 995.00

Sonor & DDrum 3pce High-end shell pack with 20'' bass

This shell pack is a marriage of 2 great drum brands:- Germany's Sonor and Sweden's DDrum (based in America).

It combines a professional Maple shell 20'' DDrum bass drum with 2 High-end Sonor Beechwood toms.

The 12'' & 14'' Special Edition toms are finished in a unique, Crème Lacquer, with a velvet-like shell surface.

They complement the visually appealing rare white sparkle lacquer of the 20 x 20'' bass drum. 

I've noticed in the drum community, Beech's sonic properties are not as well known as those of some other drum timbers.

I've sold many Sonor Beech kits over the years and found they sound similar to Maple or Birch shell drums.

Beech delivers a full and saturated Sound with well-balanced low, mid and high tones. 

Made in Germany, these drums are similar to Sonor SQ2s, and Jojo Meyer used this model kit.

The Toms are made of selected premium 6mm CLTF German Beech Wood handcrafted with SONOR's very own CLTF “Cross Laminated Tension Free” process. 

These amazing-sounding toms come with the tom arm on a stand to make your setup easy.

There's a scratch on the 12'' tom shell which should not affect your pleasure playing these drums.

DDrum are not as common in Australia as some of the better-known brands, but I've sold a number of these Maple drums and kits.

I've found them to be of the same sound quality as other professional Maple drums, and of reliable build quality as well, to inspire long-term use.

Every facet of the 100% maple shell ”from the precision dual 45-degree bearing edges to the gloss lacquered finish” is handcrafted to ddrum's exacting specifications for perfect performance. 

I've found many positive reviews online from owners of DDrum Maple kits which confirms what I already know from my experience playing and selling them.

This is a warm, punchy, and exciting sounding 20'' bass drum and comes with the rare and ultra-sexy see-thru bass drum hoops

Drum sizes are:

12 x 8'' tom

14 x 12'' floor tom

20 x 20'' bass drum

Used, cleaned, and in excellent condition. [DK 1170]


My price is just $995 for the 3 drums w/ tom stand for easy mounting

(And btw, this bass drum is $295 and the 2 toms are $895 if you'd like them separately)

These prices are firm. 

I also do lay-buys on cymbals, kits, snares, and hardware.


Call Andrew on 0409 536 428 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an established Used (modern and vintage!) home-based 34 year young Drum business with drum kits, snares and, 100's of cymbals, and other drum gear and accessories.

Some days I am not here all day, so please contact my mobile first when planning to visit on Mon, Wed, or Sat, and that way I will have enough time to come back and meet you here.

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