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Trixon early 50s vintage 3pce Beech shell pack

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Sales price: $ 1400.00
Sales price: $ 1400.00

Trixon early 50s vintage 3pce Beech shell pack

Trixon are exceptional German quality, and a well-built drum set when compared to the build quality of many other drums from the 50s era.

They are one of the rarest and hardest to find vintage brands in Australia and overseas.

The shells are a superb-looking thin lacquered Beech with internal Reo hoops top and bottom.

Beech has been used extensively by Sonor and British drum companies with great success.

I've noticed in the drum community, Beech's sonic properties are not as well known as those of other drum timbers.

I've sold many Beech kits over the years and found they sound very similar to Maple or Birch shell drums.

They have a rich tone, powerful and clear, with a tremendous sound.

The floor tom color is grey pearl, and the bass drum and mounted tom are finished in red glitter.

I fitted some new wrap on the top half of the bass drum because the old wrap was faded and damaged.

Drums included are:

20 x 15'' bass drum

13 x 8'' mounted tom

14 x 17'' deep floor tom

Used, cleaned, and in very good condition for its age. [DK 1163]


My price is just $1400 for the 3 drums only

(Cymbals, snare, and hardware are for display purposes)

This price is firm. 

I also have a large range of snares, stands, pedals, cymbals, stools, and drum kits available at great prices.

And I do lay-buys on cymbals, kits, and, hardware.


Call Andrew on 0409 536 428 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an established Used (modern and vintage!) home-based 33 year young Drum business with drum kits, snares and, 100's of cymbals, and other drum gear and accessories.

Some days I am not here all day, so please contact my mobile first when planning to visit on Mon, Wed, or Sat, and that way I will have enough time to come back and meet you here.

*I ship anywhere in Australia.

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