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Tom shells; individual or bulk, suits DIY drum project [DE 0210]

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Sales price: $ 10.00
Sales price: $ 10.00

Tom shells; suit DIY drum project [DE 0210]


Hey folks! We have several tom shells here for your DIY project.

Seeing as it’s Spring, some of them are still covered but others are stripped bare and braving the cold!

 If you are after any other sizes, let us know and we may be able to help you.

Take your pick, they’re all $20 each and if you can use the lot, we’ll work you out a better bulk price.


Drum shell sizes are:

1: 12 x 8in - $20 

2: 13 x 9in - $20 

3: 14 x 5in metal snare shell - $20

4: 16 x 16in floor tom - $40

5 :  22 x 14in bass drum shell - $40 

6: 22 x 16in bass drum shell - $40



Call Andrew on 03 9848 9050 or 0409 536 428. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: We are a huge Used (modern and vintage!) home-based 30 year old Drum business with 7 rooms full of 25 kits, 50 snares and 100's of cymbals and other drum accessories.

Some days I am not here all day, so please contact my mobile first when planning to visit on Mon, Wed or Sat and that way I will have enough time to come back and meet you here.



*We ship to any state in Australia

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