Tama Rockstar-DX 8pce double bass drum kit. Made in Japan.


The boom stands included are the Tama tilt stands which allow you to tilt the cymbals closer than other boom stands allow.

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Dream Bliss 10” splash


Each Bliss cymbal is an individual work of art, painstakingly hand-forged, and hand-hammered.

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Sonor Force 3007 Series stunning 6pce Canadian Maple drum kit


These are German design all-Canadian maple shells with warm, round, exciting tones.

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Premier 60s red sparkle ‘Keith Moon-style’ 5pce drum kit w stands.


There’s also concert footage of him playing his red sparkle Premier double kit in the 60s, which is similar to this kit.

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Trixon early 50s vintage 3/4/6pce Beech shell pack


I’ve sold many Beech kits over the years and found they sound very similar to Maple or Birch shell drums.

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